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Anna Cappelli

Anna draws on her 30 years’ experience in the scientific field both in the academic and career field. Anna has been teaching for over thirteen years at both the college and university level.  Currently she is instructing courses in the Forensic discipline, as well as in the areas of Professionalism and Quality Assurance/Quality Control.  For 23 years, she was employed with the Centre of Forensic Sciences as a Forensic Chemist with experience in the area of trace evidence analysis.  Casework examinations involved extensive microscopy, as well as the operation of various instruments.  Anna has also completed auditor training and participated in many internal audits.  Anyone working in a lab position is intimately aware of the importance of a quality management system and what an asset it is to possess skills in this area. In addition, she has been responsible for research on innovative methods of sample analysis and training of various clients such as police services.

Anna McNichol

A combination of 17 years of experience in the academic, healthcare, insurance, and non-profit (environmental) fields gives Anna a wealth of knowledge across multiple industries. She draws on 7 years of experience in teaching, curriculum design, and more recently new program development to create engaging learning and training solutions. Anna has designed courses across a range of scientific disciplines including chemistry, biology, and scientific communications.  Laboratory protocols designed by Anna in Microbiology, General Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Forensic Chemistry have been completed by more than a thousand learners ranging in ages from 17-50+ years old. Her ability to develop robust, unique, engaging learning materials is highlighted by publication in the Journal of Chemical Education. In addition to teaching in the scientific field, Anna has also completed workshops and training in Cannabis Testing Protocols and Regulations.

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