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ISO 17025 Accreditation Consultation and Training

Accreditation Consultation

ISO 17025:2017 Accreditation for Laboratories increases your credibility, reliability, and throughput of high quality results. By becoming an accredited laboratory, you will increase customer confidence and profitability through streamlined processes and documentation.


The accreditation process may be daunting, is time consuming and an adjustment for your employees. A Squared Quality Training provides consultation services, document templates, and checklists to guide you and relieve some of the pain points in the accreditation process. 

Accreditation Training

Through a series of online courses, designed for managers and laboratory technicians comprehensive ISO 17025:2017 Accreditation courses will provide your employees with solid knowledge of what is required to become an accredited laboratory. Our training covers everything from gap analysis, internal and external audits, through corrective action reports. 

A Squared online courses offered through our cloud based LMS can be accessed anywhere and on any device, allowing your employees flexibility to complete the training no matter where they are located. ISO 17025 Course Packages may include:

Introduction to Quality Management Systems

Overview of Accreditation

Introduction to ISO 17025

Method Development and Validation

Uncertainty of Measurements

SOP Development

Conducting Internal Audits

Corrective and Preventative Actions



Custom Training

Outsourced Custom Training

Working with your in-house subject matter experts or existing training documents we will provide unique, custom, interactive training for your company's employees or clients. 


Live in person training can be provided at your location or at an agreeable location close to your facility. Online custom courses are hosted through our cloud based learning management system (LMS); allowing your employees to complete their training on any device at any location. 

Custom Course Topics

Custom course topics may include any subject area or technology and be used for employee on-boarding, continued employee training, skill upgrading, and professional development. 


Areas may include: trade or technology, specific health and safety, product training, standard operating procedures, manufacturing processes, and many more. In addition, courses can be offered in French, Spanish, and or Italian.


Reporting and documentation of training progress is provided with all of our online courses offered through our LMS.

Adaptive Virtual Reality Training

Adaptive VR Training

A Squared is developing adaptive virtual reality training platforms. The intelligent VR Training simulations will be unique for each employee, they will branch to adapt to performance and key attriubutes of the learner, providing a more intuitive and engaging learning experience. This training allows for improved retention of knowledge through realistic experiential learning that mimics actual job situations. Training results will also connect with the online LMS to report on employee progress and further training needs. The platform is deployable using either a VR headset or a 360 Online computer format. Both versions allow for immersive experiential learning to increase knowledge retention of your employees. 

VR Applications

Virtual reality platforms allow employees to be tested on training materials without harming expensive instruments or other equipment. Applications for VR training could include laboratory instrumentation such as GC-MS-MS, LC-MS, qPCR operation and maintenance. Additional technological fields may include deployment training for new technologies, maintenance and troubleshooting of equipment, and advanced manufacturing processes. The applications for Adaptive VR training are limitless and could include your industry. 


Cannabis Quality Assurance

Cannabis QA Consultation Services

The Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations require implementation of Quality Assurance (QA) protocols including Good Production Practices (GPP), Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Analytical Testing of products. A Squared Quality Training provides consultation services, document templates, and checklists to guide you and relieve some of the stress of ensuring compliance with Health Canada regulations. We can work with your QAP and QA Technicians to help set up and maintain quality assurance systems. 

Cannabis Training Packages

Cannabis Quality Assurance course packages are designed to meet and adhere to current Canadian Cannabis Regulations. Comprehensive employee training will increase productivity, reduce senior employee time spent on training new hires, decrease costs due to mistakes and time spent on training, and increase employee job satisfaction.  A Squared offers online courses for managers and staff including: 

     Cannabis Regulations

     QAP Roles & Responsibilites

     Introduction to GPP

     Introduction to Quality Management Systems

     Method Development and Validation

     Uncertainty of Measurements

     SOP Development

     Conducting Internal Audits

     Corrective and Preventative Actions

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