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  • Stress Relievers

    Affordable products with training solutions that are engaging and interactive. Spend more time producing and leave the training to us.

  • Dedicated

    Dedicated customer service with over 20 years of combined educator experience. Strong scientific backgrounds with extensive curriculum and course design experience.

  • Customer Gains

    Outsourced training alleviates spending time and money on course development, delivery, evaluation, and documentation!

  • Employee Retention

    Studies have shown that younger employees value professional development and training opportunities in the workplace. Ongoing training gives better job performance and may assist in progression planning.

  • Maximize Profits

    Highly trained, skilled, and engaged employees lead to maximum output of product and/or results. By investing in employee training, you will decrease losses due to on the job mistakes and time spent troubleshooting. Outsourced employee training decreases additional costs of hiring internal training personnel.

  • Compliance

    Whether your goal is accreditation or meeting regulatory requirements, training is critical to ensure employees are knowledgeable, skilled, and able to follow official guidelines and procedures. Detailed training records are also easily accessed by managers to demonstrate training compliance.

  • Personal Service

    A Squared Quality Training guarantees personal service and attention to your company. We are dedicated to ensuring your company and employees succeed by providing personalized service and comprehensive training solutions. 

  • A Squared Advantage

    With over 20 years of combined educator experience in the scientific and academic industries we provide interactive, engaging, experiential, high quality training materials. Interactive, situational based training leads to increased knowledge retention and engagement, and fewer on the job errors, increasing your profits and productivity. 

  • Always Accurate

    A Squared Quality Training monitors accreditation and regulatory changes. All courses are updated as needed to reflect changes in policies. For training that has been completed, employers will have access to email updates or reports within the learning management system. 

  • Introductory Offer

    Following a free consultation, A Squared Quality Training will provide a quotation for services. As part of our introductory offers, possible incentives include additional free online course(s) or in-person workshops. 

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